• Second update

    You can download current build here.

    Two bots have been added:
    1. greedo-bot
      (a little bit harder than potato-bot)
    2. hard bot
      (no description needed)
    You can also see your games that have already started(but you can't enter them though)

  • Alpha begins!

    Alpha tests of Reversi has officially started.
    You can download current build here.

    Currently implemented features:
    • login and register(redirect)
    • profile page(logout and qr code)
    • play offline:
      • pass & play
      • play with bot(1 bot available)
      • tutorial
    • archive
  • Login

    Allows you to log in to your glowstickstudio account and acces online mode(not implemented yet).


    Redirects you to registration page.

    Profile page

    Show your username, provides log out button and displays QR code containing your username. This feature allows other users to easily invite you.

    Play offline

    Currently have 3 options:

    • pas & play - basic 2-player local game
    • play with bot - play with potato-bot, the only one that has been implemented, does random moves
    • tutorial - explains rules of the game and gui


    Gives access to your scores from every online match that you have completed